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    Welcome to 925 Catrine Linder – Refined Equipment!
    I serve friends with refined equipment expressing their passion for the outdoor & sustainable living. Northern Norwegian refined equipment & enamel jewellery traveling the world telling your tales from up north.  – Catrine

    My jewellery is instinctively inspired by the raw and vast nature of Northern Norway where I grew up. Most of my design is comfortable to wear and has an athletic touch that goes whether you are at work, in or out, before or after, high or low! All my jewellery and refined equipment is handmade in Norway and/or Sweden with a sustainable focus on design, metals and production.

    My aim is that my collections embodies a timeless arctic and Scandinavian heritage with a simplistic, clean-cut expression. Each piece of jewellery has its’ story, and I like to think that your relationship will develop with love, grace and a gorgeous patina!” Thank you & Enjoy!- Catrine


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