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    arcit atrisan making GIFTS THAT LAST - BREATHING OUTDOORS

    handmade in Norway

    and Sweden with focus on sustainable design, metals and production.

    Keep Arctic Arctic

    be ready to follow

    orca killerwhale

    Orca on Jenny
    Orca KillerWhale

    recycled silver

    The refining process involves an eternal cycle as the precious metals can be reused over and over again!

    Memory for touch

    A memory token for that special experience you had up north?

    sound experience

    Every gift comes with a QR code serving you music from The Norwegian Arctic Philharmonic

    breathing outdoors

    with YOU!

    premium design

    meaningful gifts lasting for ever?

    inspirational roots

    Did you know that Norway is the country with the most Killer whales?

    making you feel good


    By purchasing from me, you give back 1% to the planet

    The way you need to (h)ear

    statoconium, otoconium or statolith

    New otolith piece

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