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  • Hi! How is fall treating you?

    As I’m writing to you I’m watching yellow aspen leaves fall by my window. It’s windy and raining with me today. How is at your place? What does the fall season do to you? I have mixed feelings – happy to live in Scandinavia with the contrasts of seasons, but I must honestly admit that I may not have completely finished summer. But – it feels good to put on a nice knit sweater again and this fall I feel like treating myself a little extra. Can’t wait to get that new home-knitted sweater I ordered from a friend – soon – it will go so well with my new jewellery! 

    Fall has resulted in some good hours at the bench for me – making new jewellery for you! 

    Ocean ring has become popular with its sea urchin pattern. A while ago I got a request to make a pair of small, wider hoops, or earrings to match this sea ring. So now I’m so excited to hear what you think. 

    Ocean Hoops measure about 12 mm in circumference at the longest and are about 8 mm wide. Of course they have my nice stamps on the inside that tell you facts about what they are made of, who made them, when and where. The design and sea ​​urchin pattern tells the story of the little sea animal. My hope is that the story continues with you. Did you know that sea urchins thrive best on cliffs where there are a lot of waves? Or that sushi with sea urchin roe is a delicacy in Japan?  

    Maybe you want to treat yourself to a pair of Ocean Hoops or give a pair to a friend? 

    Use the code when you check out at the checkout in the online store and you will receive a full 30% as a gift from me. These are being cast right now at my skilled partner in Norway and will soon be ready to be sent your way. The introductory discount is valid until October 12, so do not wait too long! 

    If you want to be one of the first to wear, just click it home now and the package with a touch of the ocean will be sent to you in about two weeks. Copy the code here and paste it at checkout when you check out the online store. Warm Welcome! And please, let me know how you’re dealing with fall where you are. What’s your fall treat?

    🌞 Catrine

    Please, don’t forget to copy and paste my coupon code as you check out. Makes sure it has been deducted from your total amount – it should put a smile on your face 😉


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