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"Artisans Helping Artisans"

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handmade in Norway

and Sweden with focus on a sustainable design, metals and production.

Keep Arctic Arctic

be ready to follow

orca killerwhale

Orca on Jenny
Orca KillerWhale

recycled silver

and comes on a 42 cm silver ball chain unless requested differently in message as you order.

Memory for touch

A memory token for that special experience you had meeting an Orca?

sound experience

Have you ever heard the sound their blowhole?

Dangerously beautiful

Both in the water and on YOU!

premium design

Like the Orca itself.

inspirational roots

Did you know that Norway is the country with the most Killer whales?

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making you feel good


By purchasing from me, you give back 1% to the planet

The way you need to (h)ear

statoconium, otoconium or statolith

New otolith piece