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  • Dots Necklace Naked

    What are Dots? Surely it’s associated in many different ways yet still remaining as a clean, little circle. In music this small, round mark is used to denote lengthening of a note or rest by half, or to indicate staccato. 

    Dots Collection are filled with music by some of the talented musicians in the Arctic Philharmonic. A classic since 2009 and worn by many friends who enjoy spending time outdoors. Comfortable wear. 

    Whether you choose the Enamelled or Naked version, they might become an everyday favorite. The Naked ones come in shiny silver, rhodium blackened or 14K gold plated silver. Enamelled pieces are meticulously hand painted with vitreous enamel – an ancient old technique that takes skill and patience. The transparent glass gives a beautiful and forever lasting brilliance. I choose my colours inspired by the arctic nature. 


    Dots are forever.

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    You will always find the quality stamps of fine metal as well as the makers stamp Catrine and where they are made – Lofoten and/or Stockholm.

    Mix and match different metals and enamel colours. Find your style in different sized rings, necklaces, studs and bracelets. The Dots never go out of style and often become a favourite every day wear. Designed for your comfort. Made sustainably and local with recycled metals.

    Dot measure about 12 mm and comes on a 45 cm 925 Sterling Silver ball chain unless other requested. If you prefer a different length, please let me know in message as you order. It may take a little longer to send when you choose different length on your chain. You will be notified. Most chains can be delivered in 42, 50 or 60 cm as well.

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    Black, Coral, Mustard

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