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  • Radio Necklace 1500 Volt

    kr1 669

    Catrine’s workshop in Lofoten was originally a radio repair shop for fishermen. The Radio collection is part of the story of refined equipment where old parts of radio equipment becomes jewellery. 1500 V on front – Alter on back.

    The Radio collection is an homage to the house of my workshop in Lofoten.  The first time I entered these rooms I fell in love. When making the old radio repair shop into my jewellery work shop it was already oozing of old stories and filled with so many memories, parts and tools. Perfect place for my exploration with empathic, emotional design! The house is still in the same family of the founder of the shop long ago, and it has an amazing energy still. I think it always will. Radio ring is speaking for the the history of radio, communication, music, a story of refined equipment where old parts of radio equipment are communicating jewellery.

    Please allow 2-4 weeks unless in stock. Measures 24 X 10 X 5 mm, made from solid 925 Sterling Silver. 50 cm 2 mm ball chain.


    In stock (can be backordered)

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