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    Stetind has a special place in many hearts and is a well known landmark in Norway. It’s a strong and monumental mountain and seen from both sea and air it’s quite impressive. Stetind ring is a massive and exclusive power ring. Unisex and adjustable size. It’s made from 925 sterling silver – recycled of course. The design and smith work is done by Catrine and the engravings are done by Kerstin Östberg.  

    Mountains represent resilience, stability and immovability. They tell us that we need to be brave, humble and prepared with flexibility and strength. Climbing a mountain depicts inner elevation and deep satisfaction. Stetind became Norway’s national mountain in 2002. It was called “the world’s ugliest mountain” by the Englishman W.C. Slingsby – when he didn’t succeed climbing to the top in 1904. According to Wikipedia, the first ascent was done in 1920 by the Norwegians Scheldrup, Rubenson and Bryn. First winter ascent by Næss, Høibakk and Baasted. During 1936-1937 Arne Næss made several routes together with Else Hertzberg. 

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    Stetind for you? In Norway we’ve always made songs, poetry and art to honour nature. This massive silver ring is filled with inspiration and memories from the magic mountain Stetind in northern Norway. Stetind is also the national mountain of Norway and a popular hiking and climbing destination. Take it out on your next adventure and fill it with your story. Measures about 20 mm high.It’s adjustable but if you tell your size in message box as you order, we’ll adjust it for you of no extra charge. 


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