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    About Catrine Linder







    Maker of Refined Equipment & Jewellery

    ⁠Happy to see you here! I’m curious and would love to hear from you so please sign up for my monthly e-mail or drop me a line in here to tell me who you are and how you found me. Are we already Friends? Then Thank You for your support! It means the world and I’d be nowhere without You.

    I am mainly a self taught jewellery artist. I have taken many classes but mostly learned by doing – a lot of mistakes – ending in successful designs selling worldwide. I truly believe that success is built on failure and to be brave and step out even when you don’t know the outcome. To me the stories behind my pieces are as important as the piece itself. ⁠

    All my work is mine – meaning that I design and make it all! Some pieces are cast after I make the original, so that I can reach out with many – and make a living. The one thing that I’m proud of is that all my business partners are local. As I am a nomadic style jeweller going between Norway and Sweden, this is where my partners are as well! It’s good for the environment, good for keeping the craft and art skills in our region – and I just simply love the fact that none of my pieces are shipped from the other side of the world before I send them out to you, my friends!⁠ So what do I mean by “Refined Equipment”? RockHard Collection is one of my signature collections and part of my Refined Equipment. So is the Fishtail Surfer and Bike Me. These collections are parts of equipment – essential details on equipment used outdoors – performing your favourite movements. I’m the first one to make Refined Equipment and there are many more pieces in line to join. Take them outdoors with you on your adventures and travels next time.

    ⁠In the 10 years I’ve been in business I have sold most of my work from my space here online and in my seasonal summer store in Henningsvær, Lofoten. For some of you fortunate explorers and travellers, you can find some of my work sailing with Lindblad Expeditions onboard the National Geographic vessels Orion, Explorer and Endurance. On the mainland of Norway I’m happy to be with my two favourite goldsmith stores; Gullsmed Øiesvold and Gullsmed Wintervoll in Narvik and Tromsø. I started out my business investing in tools from inheritance after my grandparents. I remember sitting at my workbench thinking “so, – what should I make today…” Now it’s different. I am thankful and proud to be where I am today, – but hey, this is just the beginning! ⁠

    ⁠Oh, and one more thing – I don’t outsource my Instagram, copywriting, photography nor website work. When you get a comment, message or email back,  know it’s always me.

    Welcome to hang out and please let me know if you have any questions! I have the best customers in the world, and soon you’ll be able to read some more about this under my Stories. Looking forward to exploring 2020 with you! – Catrine


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