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    About Catrine LinderI am Catrine the designer and maker of Refined Equipment & Jewellery. Sustainable, ethical and all made in Scandinavia.

    So, what is “Refined Equipment”? The Friendly Collection inspired by rock climbing is my signature collection of Refined Equipment. Read more about the Fishtail Surfer, Bike Me and ICE under collections. These collections are inspired by parts of equipment, or essential details on equipment. 

    The Dots, Scandi and Coin are my signature collection with vitreous enamel work sharing the colours of the arctic north. Many say that my design and work is breathing outdoors with vibes from the northern Norwegian nature where I grew up.

    Did you know that none of my pieces are shipped from the other side of the world before I send them to you? With a holistic philosophy it is my mission to create elegant and mindful jewellery that contributes to a more sustainable way of life. By using recycled fine metals and materials, packaging and short travelled services I do my best to not leave too many footprints in our fragile nature. Happy mindful shopping. 925 Catrine Linder gives back annually to WWF Norge to help keep our oceans clean!

    If you’d like to find out more, feel free to join on my inner circle email-list! 

    Looking forward to exploring 2023 with you!

    – Catrine


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