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    If you’re wearing your jewellery all the time, you’ve probably chosen some pieces that can take your adventures just as good as yourself. Plain silver or gold rings without details that are sticking out or making it more fragile. Like Fjellet, Havet, Blank, First, Friendly rings for instance. Most of my jewellery and refined equipment are designed for your active lifestyle. 

    Do you have Gold Plated jewellery? You know that it is a plating and eventually will wear off. Earrings can last for a long time (years) if you care for it right, – and even rings, but I would actually recommend a homogen metal instead; meaning Silver or Gold all the way through. Pricewise in this order: a silver ring in 925 Sterling Silver, a Gold Plated 925 Silver ring, a 9K (375 in Norway) ring, and then a ring in 14K or 18K. 

    Remove your jewellery when you bathe, swim, climb, hike, surf.. You get it ;). And of course some just wear it all the time anyway… Hopefully you give it polish now and then, – come see me in Hennigsvær for a shine? 

    The good routine is to shower naked, then after you have applied your oil, creams or perfume, you get dressed – in your jewellery and whatever else you need to wear that day. 


    I recommend using a polishing cloth for your jewellery to keep them shiny and radiant. These clothes become black quite quickly, but that doesn’t mean it’s spent. Just keep using it! Don’t use paper as it actually may scratch the metals. 

     Enamel jewellery & gemstones  – same as above; polishing cloth. No dipping in chemicals!

    Cord Bracelets – like Friendly – wash with a sponge or nail scrub with mild soap in warm water. Or… the “rock n’ roll – way” put it in your jeans pocket when you wash your jeans, and it’ll come out as new. 

    Pearls – sensitive beauties that like to be used but wiped off with a soft cloth (not the same as for silver and gold) just a clean soft and damped one. Then store in a soft, dark place. 

    For Gold Plated jewellery – also called vermeil – is a good budget choice for jewellery that you don’t plan to wear every day. It should be wiped off with a soft cloth (no chemicals) after wear. This is to take away perfumes, etc. Then they’re best stored in a plastic bag – squeeze out excess air and seal it. With all jewellery it’s really a matter of keeping it away from the elements—salt, water, sweat, and high humidity—and chemicals from cleaners or perfumes.

    With Love your Catrine Linder jewellery & refined equipment will last a lifetime – or longer. 


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