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  • Refund and Returns Policy


    Of course we will arrange this! The normal right of return is two weeks after you have received your order, but sometimes exceptions must be made. But, – don’t send it back to Henningsvær because I’m not there now. 

    I have a partner who helps me send out – like a fantastic Santa workshop – in southern Norway, so you have to send there. It is important that you pack in the 925 Catrine Linder gift box and preferably the box (or padded envelope) as the jewellery yours come in. You choose whether you want to send with or without tracking, but I take no responsibility for returns that are possibly lost in the post. You are responsible for the return postage yourself. I offer free shipping for all my customers who shop for over NOK 2,000 both in Norway and abroad at the moment, and even if there are almost never returns, it would be too expensive for me to cover it as well. Please check your ring size before ordering so that we do not contribute to unnecessary transport so we can keep our beautiful and important nature. I do not like to return orders that you’ve ordered just to try on, so please talk to me – ask questions – and read the description of my jewellery before your purchase. Love conscious purchase,- buy less, choose well and make it last. 

    Giftcars and special orders as well as one-of-a-kind jewellery is not refundable or returnable.

    Send an e-mail to catrine@925catrinelinder.com marked with RETURN and your order number in the subject field. Put a copy of your order in the email to me.

    Wrap the jewelry in the box from me, as well as the box it came in – possibly a padded envelope.

    Use the following address: NVH att: 925 Catrine Linder, Lundebyveien 5, 1878 Hærland, Norway

    When the package has been returned and approved by us, you get the money back on your card and you can order the piece of jewelry that is perfect for you. It may take a few days before it appears on your bank account or credit card account – and remember that the shipping to send to you (when you ordered) is deducted. This is because I do not get this amount back from my shipping partner. It can feel a little slow-moving with returns, but it is easy to solve and will be sorted out in the end. The most important thing is that you are satisfied.

    Hope this sounds good – and just let me know if you need more help.

     –  Catrine

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