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  • Blonde Studs

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    grandmother Annas’ old lace ribbons from a dress tailormade for her during the hard time after second world war in Narvik

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    Blonde Collection

    The first pair of Blonde silver rings I made in 2009. I used lace from my grandmother Annas’ old dress that was made of lace and old curtain fabric during the hard times after the second world war in Narvik, Norway.

    The dress was tailor made for her to wear during the annual town festival, Vintervestuka of Narvik. My grandmother has told me her story of when she met my grandfather, and how handsome she thought he was. Neither my grandmother or mom has told me much from the parties they went to, but I’m convinced they had fun… I know I did!

    Three generations of women in my family have celebrated wearing this dress, so naturally it was very fragile. Creating the Blonde Collection is my way to make sure this dress with its story never goes away entirely. Lace translates to Blonde in Norwegian, hence the name.

    The collection has a fragile, yet feminine touch to it and the pieces have a light and comfortable feel. Filled with love and traditional heritage this may be one of the most personal gifts from my work. I really enjoy the thought of jewelry being inherited from one generation to the next, and how the story lives on and develops into your own as time goes by.

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