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  • Coin Enamel Set HIMMELBLÅ one-of-a-kind

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    Enamelling, or vitreous enamelling is a technique that has been used for more than 2000 years in fine jewellery. The fusion between coloured glass and fine metal gives your piece the best sustainable, brilliant colour that never changes. The enamelling takes skill and patience and includes many different momentums before it is ready for you to wear.

    These old Norwegian coins with the animals are just so beautiful and deserve more attention – small works of art becoming jewellery and living on. Using coins as jewellery is an ancient tradition.  

    There is a certain humor in the fact that we now buy money and coins – with cards, QR codes and Face ID. It is a bit about how the world is changing, but also about tradition, that coins and money were invented by us humans a long time ago. We must have money… and preferably enamelled!

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    The Coin Enamels – a homage to coin jewellery, the artists who did the engravings and tales from the past. Coins and Enamel never go out of style and are designed for your comfort to wear on your adventures. The coin measures 15 mm in diameter and rings are adjustable. The beautiful squirrels are work by the artist Per Palle Storm. The idea came from childhood memories of feeling lucky with a coin in hand.

    These are one-of-a-kind in the sense of colour. Meaning that this colour is a one-time thing as I have limited availability and constantly add new and beautiful enamel colours to my work. You’re offered to buy the whole set for a better price, or buy the one piece for full price. Please note that you will not be able to reorder this exact colour, so if you love – get the set!

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