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  • Orca Killerwhale /Spekkhugger on chain

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    Did you know that Norway is the country with the most Killer whales? They are the largest family member of the dolphin family and are easily recognised by their distinctive colouration and prominent dorsal fin. They are black and white, can weigh from 3,800–5,500 kg and usually live for anywhere from 30-90 years. Have you experienced being close to these fantastic creatures?  It is somewhat of an adventure that leaves you with great respect and admiration, isn’t it? Let’s keep the oceans clean alive for these amazing animals.

    Made from recycled silver and comes on a 42 cm silver ball chain unless requested differently in message as you order. By purchasing your necklace with me you give back 1 % for the Planet.



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    A memory token for that special experience you had meeting an Orca? The Orca often called Killerwhale or “Spekkhogger” in Norwegian. Did you know that there are about 3000 killer whales in the Norwegian and Barents Sea? They are usually pods of 6-40 whales living together and their hunting manners are quite sophisticated. If you’re in Lofoten you can see them from land sometimes. There is something special about experiencing these up close – an immense power that somehow affects us to the core. Comes with 42 cm Ball Chain.



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