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  • Infinity Ring

    kr2 495 inc. VAT

    Infinity ring – solid 925 recycled sustainable silver ⁠ ⁠ ∞

    Please let me know your ring size as you order. Unless size is given I’ll send you a size 55

    Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

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    Infinity Ring – massive and brave – with the symbol of infinity. What does INFINITY mean? What is boundless – endless – larger than life?

    The first one was made in 2009, and I’m so happy to have Infinity Ring back on my bench again (February 2020) Yours can be preordered now! As it looks now I’ll be ready to send your way mid March.

    Infinity is a great gift to endless love – and a popular gift to math teachers and other beautiful minds.

    Personally I’m extra happy about this one in particular. Infinity ring was the design who made me take a big step into the very unknown world of starting my own business. Feeling very grateful for this!

    Infinity Ring can be regulated, so please let me know your size in message as you order. Unless given size I’ll send you a European size 55. Measurements are about 10 x 2 mm.


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